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Food stretch film

Stretch film based on linear low-density polyethylene is designed for group transport packaging and palletizing. Due to the stretching properties this film may be used as the packing material able to cling to the product without creasing and to leave no space between the product and the package. The self-adhesive properties of these films ensure the opportunity to fix the material without any special sealing means.

The film is confirmed by EAC declaration and certification ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.АЯ 46.В. 02491 от 25.06.2018.

Re certification for compliance with the requirements of GOST R-ISO 9001-2015 has been completed.

Food stretch film is produced according the specification 2245-005-51154035-2005.


Parameter unit  
Width (mm) (mm) 220, 225, 290, 300, 440, 450
Length m from 100 till 300
Thickness (µm) (µm) from 5 till 12
Core diameter mm 38
Color   White/yellow
Box color and core color   Brown/white
Warranty period month 12 months from the date of manufacture
Temperature storage   From -20 till +35
Type of packaging   Cardboard box

Advantages of packed froducts:

  • High barrier properties against environmental impacts;
  • Possibility of heating the film-packaged products in a microwave oven;
  • Due to the optical properties of a packaging film with a glossy surface, packaged products always look fresh and attractive;
  • High film elasticity ensures reliable packaging of products
  • Low cost;
  • Ease of use;
  • The possibility of manufacturing boxes and cores with your logo of your company.


  • HoReCa ;
  • Wholesalers ;
  • Retail network ;
  • Products for maintenance;
  • Fast food .


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