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Perforated Polyolefin film

Our company offers an advantageous range expansion - now the EM-PLAST film is available with perforation. There are two types - mechanical and hot perforation. High reliability and manufacturability of equipment allow us to produce high-quality perforated films.

The film perforation is designed to maintain the necessary quality characteristics during the product storage. This type of film provides an instantaneous release of air from the package, reducing the packaging time and increasing the production speed.

The principle of microperforation is the film puncture, which allows, without deteriorating the film’s shrink properties, to advantageously use it for packaging the following products:

  • bread and bakery products (including hot ones);
  • vegetables, fruits, salads, greens;
  • fast food;
  • smoked or cooked meat, chicken, fish products, confectionery;

ТУ 2245-001-99977326-2009


Thickness (µm) 12,5; 15; 19; 23,5; 25; 35
Width (single wound sheeting) mm From 200 till 1000 width pitch 50
Width (Center fold sheeting) mm From 200 till 2000 width pitch 50


There are two types of perforation

Hot perforation

  • 4-5 punctures at 1 cm
  • pitch: 50 mm
  • perforation diameter 0.8-1.2 mm

Cold perforation

  • width pitch - 20 mm
  • length pitch - 45 mm

Advantages of packed froducts:

  • Excellent clarity and gloss and shrinkage ;
  • These shrink films are designed to extend shelf life, protect foods from contamination;
  • Anti-fog options .


  • Confectionery;
  • Bread and bakery products ;
  • Poultry farms ;
  • Smoked or cool meat, chicken, fish products .


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